Monday, April 4, 2011

Ride that Ostrich!!

So on the website I use to track my food and exercise, there is also a forum/message board. I stumbled across one that asked "What are your weird goals?" Meaning that most of our goals deal with weight loss or fitting into new clothes, ect. All very serious. Surely though, those who have needed to lose weight know that there are things that fit, healthy people would find weird, that would give us a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment that what we did was worth it.  There were several that I found interesting that were posted by various MFP users that shall remain nameless. This is so you get a better idea of what I mean:

1) I want to lose another 15 lbs and tone up a bit so that I can look good in my Pittsburgh Penguins bikini by June 22nd. Why then you ask? Because that's the date of the NHL Awards at the Palms casino in Vegas and on the off chance that I'm there I want to to look hot in that suit by the poolside so that Marc-Andre Fleury checks me out.

2) I want to lose the weight so that the day my divorce is final my husband looks at me and thinks maybe he acted too hastily in ending our marriage. Lame, huh?

3) Okay, this is gonna sound stupid, but, I'm supposed to wear glasses but quit wearing them when I got fat because, well, i didn't want anymore attn drawn to my face then necessary. But I did love my glasses, so I'm looking forward to loosing this weight, getting new glasses and rocking the sexy librarian thing lol happy

4) I want to be able to wrap a normal bath towell around myself...and not feel like my face is huge in a short haircut :)

 So anyways, you get the idea. These are goals fit, thin people really may never consider. But it gives me the idea that weight loss doesn't always have to be serious. There is some fun involved. Especially when we start to think about our weird goals. The strange things that motivate us or make us tick. It's these silly, weird or even vengeful goals that are so connected to who we are that can really drive us to make a change in our lives for the good.

Okay so of course I posted on the forum with my own weird goal:

I would like to be able to ride an ostrich. The weight limit is 160lbs.  I've got a way to go but I will do it. In the meantime I would like to be able to ride a horse again. The weight limit for that is 250 lbs.

Let me explain about the ostrich. I was watching this show called Globe Trekkers and it was about visiting some country in Africa. I can't recall which one. The girl host decided to ride an ostrich. She said very concisely, "The weight limit to ride an ostrich is 160 pounds. Thankfully, I am  below that." Then she proceeded to ride for about ten seconds and wanted off right away because she was scared. What a wuss. Just goes to show that skinny doesn't mean brave. I thought to myself that if I could ride that Ostrich I would really give it a go. I'd hang on as long as possible. I would do such a great job that everyone would be yelling "GO SARAH! GO! RIDE THAT OSTRICH!"  I would show that snooty girl whats what. LOL Weird, I know, and yet strangely motivating.

What are your weird goals? I think we all have them whether we have ten pounds to lose or 170lbs. Please share.

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  1. I want to play on the trampoline with my kids!

  2. I want to wear shorts! I haven't worn shirts since 2002. Maybe not that weird, but definitely not feasible right now!

    PS- I got to the pool this morning! I only lasted half an hour and my knees were shaking when I got out, but thank you for giving me the idea and the little nudge I needed!

  3. Love Globe Trekker as well as your well-imagined motivation , hope you RIDE THAT OSTRICH! soon.